Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring can solve every arithmetic problem faster than a calculator. The 53-year-old psychologist and 11-time mental calculation world champion has an immeasurably high IQ score, estimated to lie around 175. As a passionate number cruncher, he aims to bring the magic of mathematics to everyone, not just exceptional talents.

Additionally, he is a qualified computer scientist and has a PhD in education and runs a psychologist’s office in Bonn, Germany.

Mittring is a full member of the German Psychological Society. His research focuses primarily on the pedagogic and psychological area, especially the phenomenon of giftedness. What interests him particularly is how to determine the significance of intelligence tests.

A selection of his books (publisher: Fischer-Verlag):

Von Pi nach Pisa
Fit im Kopf
Rechnen mit dem Weltmeister

The Swiss Association for Highly Gifted Children ( helps to organize the event. In so doing it depends on many volunteers. The EHK provides advice to parents and liaises with teachers and authorities to help address the very special needs of highly gifted children. For more than 20 years, it has enabled parents to share their experience and had organised events, camps, courses and workshops for gifted children.